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Google Voice for business: the Ringio approach />

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Google Voice for business: the Ringio approach

Posted by Sam

7/15/10 6:54 AM

Google Voice for business. A Google Voice alternative

At Ringio, we're big fans of Google Voice. I remember standing in the audience watching Vincent Paquet and Craig Walker relaunching in 2007 at the ETel conference and saying, "Wow, this is really useful!"

We've built Ringio based on the same philosophy as Google:

  • Communication tools can be better, but have to be centered around the users.
  • We can help people be more productive and stay more organized as it relates to phone calls.
  • We have to build a web product, not a telecom product.

Just as Google Voice has improved personal communication, Ringio is designed to improve business communication.

For instance, here are a couple of useful Google Voice features:

  • Find me on whatever phone I'm at
  • Transcribe my voicemails

And a couple of the more useful Ringio features:

  • Get a screen pop with information about who's calling me
  • Easily transfer calls to my business colleagues

Google Voice is for individuals. Ringio is for groups.

Here's where the real power lies - if you combine Google Voice with Ringio you get a super solution for small businesses.

Use Google Voice for:

  • Calls that are directed at you
  • As the solution for call-blasting your different phones
  • To make cheap phone calls

Use Ringio for:

  • Calls that are directed at your company (calls for Sales, Technical Support, or Ordering)
  • As the solution for distributing calls between employees
  • As the mini-CRM that allows you to write notes and keep a history of your conversations with customers

Ringio and Google Voice work together beautifully. Here are a few tips to make this combination work for you:

  • Set up your Google Voice number as the number where Ringio should find you
  • Turn Google Voice's call screening off
  • In Ringio, set your Outgoing Caller ID to be your Google Voice number -- that way if you call people from Ringio they will call you back at your Google Voice number

It's great to see what the community of Google Voice users is figuring out - the tips, the tricks, and the hacks. Hopefully we'll see more of these emerge as more people use GV and Ringio together!

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